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Tools and Actions

Tools and actions

Within the Label Pack A+ project, dedicated tools will be developed and specific actions will be undertaken to meet the abovementioned results:

    • Provide guidelines, as well as standardized answers to clarify the responsibility of each actor in the supply chain. These activities will particularly focus on installers and SMEs, who might be facing specific implementation challenges;
    • Facilitate the exchange of product related information, in the form of products databases, available to all the actors in the energy labelling process;
    • Apply the energy labelling calculation methodology and make it available to all the actors in the supply chain in the form of a user-friendly online calculation tool;
    • Develop and provide industry specific training material, especially focusing on the responsibilities and roles of installers in the energy labelling process;
    • Provide tailor-made information for end consumers, which will either be directly accessible by them, or used by dealers to explain the significance and added value of the “package label”;
    • Provide consolidated expertise on the energy labelling process to the Commission and national authorities, based on the experiences gathered on the pilot implementation in the participating countries.