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Water Heating

Water Heating

The Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) No 812/2013 refers to water heaters with a rated heat output ≤ 70 kW, hot water storage tanks with a storage volume ≤ 500 litres and packages of water heater ≤ 70 kW and solar device.

Individual products:

    • Water heater with a rated heat output ≤ 70kW;
    • Conventional water heater (fossil fuel based)
    • Electric water heater
    • Solar water heater (thermo syphon system);
    • Heat pump water heater;
    • Heat pump water heaters with fuel driven combustion unit
    • Hot water storage tanks with a volume ≤ 500 l

Note: solar devices, according to the relevant definitions in the Regulations, are made of a solar collector, a solar hot water storage tank or a pump in the collector loop. This means that a solar device always contains a solar collector. These systems are, individually, not to be labelled, as these are not energy consuming products. On the other hand, thermosiphon systems may require individual (product) labelling.

Packages of Water Heating Equipment:

    • Packages of space heater, temperature control and solar device