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Label Pack Brochure

United Kingdom Helpdesk 

Handbook for online application

UK National Implementation Strategy 

Communications and Replication Plan 

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You can receive this material in form of powerpoint slides for your own training purpose. You can request the powerpoint files at your national help desk

Basic project information

This set of powerpoint slides informs on the LabelPackA+ Project and can be used for introductory purposes.

Background information on Energy Labelling and the PackageLabel

This set of powerpoint slides explains the European regulations and gives basic information on responsibilities of the installer and dealer.

Solar thermal in the Package Label

This set of powerpoint slides can be used to explain the process of the calculation of the package label for solar thermal systems in detail. It also explains, how the label can be used for advertisment and marketing.

Manual to the online tool for the calculation of the Package Label

This set of powerpoint slides explains the use of the online tool.

Labelpack A+ online tool handbook 

This set of PowerPoint slides is a manual for the users of the online tool for the calculation and labeling of packages of water and space heating systems.

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LabelPack A+ – To reduce domestic energy consumption

Everything you should know about Energy Label

Testimony on the Energy Label (Subtitles in English)

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