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Overview of the Project

In particular, the project will focus on Energy-related products, which the Directive includes in Lot 1 (Boilers and combi-boilers) and in Lot 2 (water heaters).

The regulation requires that the package label is issued by the subject that assembles the package from its components to a functional system and sells it. Thus, the project will address one of the main challenges related to the package labelling, which is the involvement of dealers and installers in the labelling process.

During the project, all partners will work at the European and national level to reach the following results:

    • Bring a common understanding of the regulations to support its implementation and increase its impact from the beginning;
    • Ensure an increased visibility and a specific targeted promotion of the “package label” as an innovation within the dispositions of the upcoming regulations on the energy labelling of heating appliances;
    • Involve the supply chain actors in the preparation and implementation of the “package label” to remove barriers and increase acceptance.


An eleven organizations consortium will work to reach the “Label Pack A+” project objective of promoting the diffusion of the package label as a way to push for the uptake of renewable technologies, in particular solar thermal, in combination with efficient conventional technologies. ESTIFADENE (Portugal), APISOLAR (Portugal), Assolterm (Italy), Austria Solar (Austria), BSW – German Solar Association (Germany), DECO (Portugal), eclareon (Germany), ENERPLAN (France), Legambiente (Italy), Solar Trade Association (UK)