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Package Label

Brief Description of the Package Label

The “package label” is the label applicable to a system, i.e., the combination of different components of a system. There can bepackages of water heaters with solar; space heating equipment and of combination systems (used both for space and water heating).

The installers who offer for sales a combination, of a solar thermal system with a conventional boiler from different suppliers will have the obligation to indicate in their commercial proposal (quote, final offer etc…) the energy efficiency and energy efficiency class of the proposed combination.

The information and labelling obligations, which are the object of these texts, apply to water heaters and hot water storage tanks sold in the EU. Such systems were defined originally as complete water heating systems, meaning the combination of a solar thermal system with another heat generator (classically fossil fuel boilers). These complete products are available only from certain market players and are not the type of products that most solar specialists place on the market (typically, solar collectors and/or stand alone solar thermal systems).