Suppliers are understood as the one’s responsible for the manufacturing of the product. According to the regulation “Supplier’ means the manufacturer or its authorised representative in the Union or the importer who places or puts into service the product on the Union market.”

Suppliers who place space heaters on the market and /or put them into service, including those integrated in packages of space heater, temperature control and solar device shall ensure that each equipment is provided with:

  1. printed label
  2. the technical documentation
  3. advertisement includes a reference to the seasonal space heating energy efficiency class
  4. technical promotional material includes a reference to the seasonal space heating energy efficiency

The supplier must present all the documentation regarding each individual part of the equipment. If it is the case that the supplier is also offering a pre-assembled heating package solution, it is the supplier’s responsibility to also ensure the calculation and presentation of the package’s energy label, which provides the combined energy efficiency rating.

Resources for Supplier



Training materials:


Technical data:

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  • Labelpack A+ Implementation report (FPR),
  • Reports on national implementation (D.3.9 & D3.10),
  • Business models for Package Label Online Platforms (D4.4),
  • Analysis of the implementation of the “package label” in non-project countries (D4.6)
  • Sensitivity analysis on the application of the “package label” (D4.7)
  • Analysis of opposing scenarios for the “package label” (D4.8)
  • Reports of Advisory meetings (D6.3)