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Water Heating

Water Heating

The Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) No 812/2013 refers to water heaters with a rated heat output ≤ 70 kW, hot water storage tanks with a storage volume ≤ 500 litres and packages of water heater ≤ 70 kW and solar device.

All those products using energy have to be labelled (e.g. a water boiler), whilst others that do not use primary energy but do have an influence on the system efficiency (e.g. a solar collector or controller) are only issued with a data sheet.

Individual ProductLabelOnly data sheet
Water heater with a rated heat output ≤ 70kW;X
Conventional water heater (fossil fuel based)X
Electric water heaterX
Solar water heater (thermo siphon system);X (If electrical support
is designed for hot
water production)
Heat pump water heater;X
Heat pump water heaters with fuel driven combustion unitX
Hot water storage tanks with a volume ≤ 500 lX

Packages of water heating devices

Individual heating devices can be compiled into packages. For example a boiler for water heating can be combined with a temperature controller, solar collector, and a storage tank. For more information see here.

Note: solar devices, according to the relevant definitions in the Regulations, are made of a solar collector, a solar hot water storage tank or a pump in the collector loop. This means that a solar device always contains a solar collector. These systems are, individually, not to be labelled, as these are not energy consuming products. On the other hand, thermosiphon systems may require individual (product) labelling.