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Energy Labelling

Labelling Energy related Products (ErP) for space heating and hot water devices and combination of both functions

Source: VdZ

Energy Labels inform about the consumption of energy by energy-related products. Energy Labels can be found in many products in the European Union and provide basic information to the customer to facilitate his decision making processes. They are compulsory for most heating sources of space heating and hot water from 26 September 2015.

Energy labels cover devices of up to 70 kW heating power, 50 kW electrical power for heat pumps and 500 litres storage tank capacity or combinations of both with storage of up to 2000 litres volume.

Information on the label (for a heat pump example)

  1. Manufacturer
  2. Number of model
  3. Function (heat/hot water)
  4. Efficiency class
  5. Heating capacity (kW)
  6. Noise emissions LWA
  7. Additional production of electricity

The Product label is provided by manufacturer

In alteration to the example given, the following symbols can be displayed on the label.


In addition the following symbols can be found on the label

  1. Noise emissions in decibel indoors
  2. Noise emissions in decibel outdoors
  3. Temperature map of Europe for low temperature heat maps and heat provision indoors incl. additional heating sources
  4. Information for heat pumps in Europe, including heat provision for mid and low temperature provision
  5. Nominal heat capacity
  6. Additional electricity production
  7. Solar warm water heaters including annual electricity demand or energy demand and solar map of Europe
  8. Volume of storage tank
  9. Conventional water heater, with information on electricity/energy demand
  10. Water heater, which is only for use in off-peak times

Exemptions from labelling include devices based on solid fuels, biomass, steam and air driven heating systems as well as existing heating systems.

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