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The new Energy Label will be supplied with each individual and pre-assembled package heating system by the manufacturer.

It will be the installer’s responsibility to ensure that customer has received the energy label, and additional documentation of the heating appliance, at the point of sale.

Installer Integrator

If the heating system contains different products, whoever puts that package together, is responsible for providing a package label when combining a heating appliance with a temperature control and/or solar device, hot water storage tank or a supplementary heating appliance.

The professional who puts the package together is the one responsible for producing a package label. That package label will need to provide the combined energy efficiency rating of the whole system rather than only the ratings of each individual component. This could be the manufacturers’ responsibility if they supply a pre-assembled package, or the installer’s if the items are bought individually, as separate parts, and the installer is the system integrator. If this is the case, the installer is responsible for calculating the overall package efficiency, this information must be recorded, regarding each product on a document known as a fiche, and systematized in the energy label that provides the combined energy efficiency rating.

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