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Check Your Heating Campaign

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The « Check Your Heating » Campaign

LabelPack A+ is excited to launch its “Check your Heating” Campaign which aims at raising awareness on the Energy Efficiency labels and providing with the necessary information related to these labels to consumers and installers.

The consortium has identified that most of heating systems are replaced when they broke down, often in emergency situations and in winter when it is less possible to make a well-informed choice. This campaign also aims at running up a check-up and identifying the energy efficiency of consumers’ installation when good conditions are met for giving them the necessary time to think about their future heating installations, when the time to change it will come.

As such, within the LabelPack A+ project, a tool has been developed to create energy efficiency labels which could be used by both, consumers, and installers, to identify the energy efficiency of heating installations.

In addition to humoristic and informative videos on the labels, this campaign includes a “social media selfie contest” which will be hold between May 2nd, 2018 and June 8th, 2018! Don’t miss the chance to win one of our amazing prizes, among them a DJI Spark Drone of a value of 379 euros!

“Check your Heating Selfie Challenge”

The challenge will only occur in the following countries between Wednesday, 2nd May, 2018 and Friday, 8th June 2018:

  • Belgium;
  • Germany;
  • France;
  • Portugal;
  • Austria;
  • Italy;
  • United Kingdom.

If your fiscal residence is in one of these seven countries, you can already prepare your camera to send us the best snap you have of you with your heating system!

More information below about how to do so:

  • For the consumers:

    Example of Selfie by Consumers

    If you are a consumer, take a selfie of you and your heating installation (solar collectors/panels, boilers, etc.) with your Energy Efficiency Label and post it in one of these two social media, Facebook or Twitter, including your country and the following hashtags:
    – #CheckYourHeating
    – #LabelPackAplus

  • For the installers:

    150130_VdZ_PR2015_455_web_Mit Label
    Example of Selfie for Installers

    If you are an installer, take a picture of your client or yourself with its/your clients’ heating installation (solar collectors/panels, boilers, etc.) and the Energy Efficiency Label and post it in one of these two social media, Facebook or Twitter, including your country and the following hashtags:
    – #CheckYourHeating
    – #LabelPackAplus
    To be identified as an installer, you will need to mention it either in your post or in your profile description.

What are the challenge’s prizes?

The first 100 installers who will participate to the challenge will receive a nominative free-exhibition-ticket for the Intersolar Fair, which will be held from June 20-22, 2018 in Munich.

  • A DJI Spark Drone of a value of 379 euros can be won by one participant from the overall participant countries;
  • For each participating country, a runner-up will be identified based on its country and the number of likes, for Facebook, and hearts, for Twitter. The runners-up will receive each a do-it-yourself playkit – Power House.

The prizes cannot not be reimbursed in cash!

How will you win the prizes?

LabelPack A+ will identify your country and the number of likes, for Facebook, and hearts, for Twitter, you will have received between May 2nd, 2018 and June 8th, 2018. After collecting this information, a winner for the participative countries will be identified and one runner-up will be identified in each participative country. So, make sure to share your post with all your friends and colleagues to receive a maximum of likes/hearts! If several submissions yield the same number of likes / hearts between, LabelPack A+ will design by lottery the winner.

For the Intersolar ticket fairs, installers will also be identified as of June 8th and will receive their ticket the following week.

  • Participation during: from 02 May 2018 to 8 June 2018
  • Determination of the winner: June 11, 2018
  • Entitled are private individuals or craftsmen/heating installers if they:
    • Post a photo with yourself, a heating system and the EU Energy Efficiency Label for heaters and water heaters on Facebook or Twitter under the slogan #CheckYourHeating or #LabelPackAPlus.
    • Have the right of use and retransmission
    • Do not violate privacy rights of others
    • Do not belong to the LabelPack A + consortium
  • Winners will be selected that are publicly traceable (counted via the “Social Mention” retrieval tool) and that can count on the most Likes (Facebook) or Hearts (Twitter).
  • The prizes are sent electronically (Intersolar-Tickets) or by post (material presents), a disbursement in money is not possible.
  • If the winner cannot be reached within 4 weeks after attempting to contact him (11 June 2018 – proof via Twitter / Facebook), the prizes will be awarded to the next winner.
  • Privacy Policy: Data will only be collected for the purpose of determining the winners and to contact them and deliver the winnings. For this purpose, the winners will be contacted via Facebook or Twitter.
  • Legal recourse is excluded.

Where can I create my own heating system energy label?

Please consult the LabelPack A+ tool dedicated at the following page: http://www.label-pack-a-plus.eu/home/calculate-the-label/

More about LabelPack A+

LabelPack A+ is a project coordinated by Solar Heat Europe and runs under Horizon 2020, the European Union Research and Innovation programme. The purpose of the project is to inform individuals about Energy Labelling with focus on the energy efficiency label for highly efficient combinations of conventional and renewable heating systems. It aims at supporting professionals in the heating market to better approach their responsibilities within this legal framework and help consumers to get the most out of the energy labelling and to make more efficient choices.